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SMG profile photoI am a writer, educator and wine buyer living in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve written for print and online publications with a focus on Australia and my home country, New Zealand.

Having previously worked as a professional flute player and an IT project manager, I made the switch to wine while living in Hong Kong, gaining the WSET Diploma and becoming a WSET Certified Educator in 2015. Upon completion of my studies, I was awarded the HKIWSC Scholarship for gaining the highest WSET Diploma mark in Asia that year.

Now based in Melbourne I continue to write and teach WSET and wine appreciation classes in addition to managing the Happy Wine Woman Wine Club. I’m also the Australia and New Zealand correspondent for US podcast Wine for Normal People. Further studies have included completing the Rhône Master-Level Certificate with the Wine Scholar Guild where I was awarded the highest honours at the final exam.

I’m always interested in new projects so get in touch!

Simone Madden-Grey


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12 Responses

  1. Love the blog and the Facebook page! I have been a long time fan of the Twitter posts & now we get even more!!! Love your work & I have enjoyed your posts so far! This is definitely a blog for all people who love wine, from wine beginners to experienced wine connoisseurs!

  2. Kelland Wines

    Excellent start of something that I hope blossoms. Can’t wait to share new finds from you and with you. Will keep watching your space!! Make sure that you keep your tasting notes as you develop the site as they can become a good reference point for others who are interested in older vintages of specific wines. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Greg

    Hello Happy Wine Woman. I questioned your motives in setting up a blog centered around insobriety however I find myself quietly astonished that there is some well researched and written material here that may even, heaven forbid, lead to someone learning something. Well done and happy trails on your wine quest.

  4. Glad you enjoyed our Winestate tasting in Wan Chai last week. Your comments are appreciated and positive feedback was great.
    Best wishes
    Peter Jackson
    Winestate Publishing Pty Ltd
    Adelaide Sth Australia

  5. Andy Williams

    It may seem counter intuitive to you but try some of the English Sparkling Wines now. After years of trying and (somehow) winning awards a number of producers that use the noble grapes have got it right. There remains a high degree of variability in the cuvees but Ridgeview Blanc de Blanc and Chapeldown Brut are both amongst the good sparkling wines that will be new to you market.

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