Happy Wine Woman Corporate Gifts

Happy Wine Woman corporate gifts are developed in consultation with each client to create the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it’s a theme, a particular wine or a special vintage, Happy Wine Woman will deliver a beautifully presented gift to your client. In addition to premium wine, each gift can include a personalised message and a chocolate match using the Cuvée Chocolate range, which has been specifically created to pair with different styles of wine, from sparkling through to dessert wines.

Simone Madden-Grey is the founder of the Happy Wine Woman Wine Club and an awarded wine scholar, writer and educator based in Melbourne. She works regularly with corporate clients to create a range of wine gifts for every occasion – promotion, congratulations, welcome on-board, sorry you are leaving or birthday and holiday celebrations.

Pricing starts at $150 per gift plus postage and each gift can be tailored to your requirements. Design a premium corporate gift with a difference and get in touch today.

E: simonemgrey@happywinewoman.com

T: 0476 594 290