Wine For Normal People: The Many Sides of Australian Shiraz

My next instalment for Elizabeth Schneider’s podcast Wine for Normal People focussed on Shiraz and the different expressions that can be found in Australia.

Old Vine Shiraz. Credit: Wikipedia Commons.

Take a listen – preferably with a glass of Shiraz in your hand!

Happy Drinking!

Published by Happy Wine Woman

Wine consultant currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

5 thoughts on “Wine For Normal People: The Many Sides of Australian Shiraz

  1. Which Kansas City wine shops do you frequent when you are here? I would love to search out some good Australian wine 🙂

  2. Hi, I listened to this podcast whilst dog walking last night and really enjoyed it. Do you know if the list of wines you spoke about is available online? It doesn’t seem to be under the blog section on Thanks!

    1. Hi Mike – I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast. From memory we talked about icons such as Wendouree, Penfolds and Henschke. From Barossa we mentioned Charles Melton, Rockford Wines and Glaezter. McLaren Vale included S C Pannell and Yangarra (their High Sands Grenache was awarded 2019 Wine of Year by James Halliday just last night!).
      In Coonawarra, Wynns of Coonawarra and in Canberra, Clonakilla, Eden Road and McWilliams (their appellation series). For Victoria in the Grampians region, Mount Langi Ghiran and in the Yarra Valley, Payten & Jones, Jamsheed Wines, Luke Lambert Wines and Timo Mayer. For Heathcote (still in Victoria), Wild Duck Creek Estate. In the Hunter Valley take a look at Thomas Wines, Silkman Wines and McWilliams. Finally, over in Western Australia in the Frankland River region we mentioned Frankland River Estate and Larry Cherubino. Not a definitive list by any means but hopefully something to get you started – enjoy!

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